Step by step everything is explained to get started and to set up your first study:
Explore the Cognitive-Affective Map Tools
  • Data Collection - Use our developed Cognitive-Affective Map extended logic (C.A.M.E.L.) software package that enable participants to draw CAMs. It is constructed to support large-scale online-studies to gather CAM data of many participants.
  • Data Analysis - Use our developedCAM-Appto analyze the resulting data, whereby you are guided within every implemented module. The single modules allows you to pre-process the data (summarizing drawn concepts) and to analyze your data (e.g., aggregating data or computing network parameters).
Register an account
  • Simply using our registration form to create an account, click on:


Set up your first study
After you are logged in you can create your first study. On the dashboard page you can click on "ADD EXPERIMENT", a pop-up window will appear where you can (a) provide a name for your CAM study, (b) set up the configuration and (c) provide a redirect link after your participants have drawn the CAM. For detailed information please read theinstructions in the online documentation.
Collect your first data
After you have added your first study, you can start collecting data. You can share the link to your study with your participants and they can start drawing their CAMs. The data will be stored in our database and can be accessed by clicking on "Enter Experiment".
Analyze your data
After entering a single experiment simply click on "DOWNLOAD DATA" to download your collected CAMs as a .json file. This file can be uploaded to our CAM-App for further analysis. Please read the CAM-App online documentation.